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After all.

I don’t speak nearly as much about my faith as I should. Especially the role it’s played in the woman I am. I wrote this piece long before Easter was on the radar but somehow today it seems more relevant than ever. This holiday reminds us about a lot of things but today, whatever you believe, I hope it reminds you about second chances.

How lucky are we to get a second chance at something? Another chance to start a new career, another chance to mend broken friendships, another chance at love when the first one didn’t go the way you had hoped. Second chances don’t always have to be about running back into the burning building, sometimes it’s just a fresh start after the water has washed the ashes away.

Oddly enough, I think a lot about how much time we have on this earth. I don't need anyone to remind me that "I'm still young and have so much time left" because at the end of the day, do we really know? Things happen to people everyday and you sure as hell don't know how many moments you have left to be a good person and tell the people you love that you love them.

Life is about learning from the choices we’ve made and allowing ourselves to be better because of them. The first path we take, or first choice we’ve made may not be the best one, and that's why we need second chances and be prepared to give them out. Kind of like how Peter needed a second chance and Jesus, without hesitation, gave him one. We don't always know what we're doing and we're going to mess up a lot, it’s part of who we are. The past is gone, we can’t change where we have been, but we can forgive ourselves and choose to give it another chance. Whether that’s learning to love again, a new opportunity, or even a chance to reinvent yourself.

Make the second act better than the first and realize that at the end of it, things still may not be perfect and that's okay. Sometimes good people make bad decisions, we are all human and maybe just maybe, we need a couple do-overs here and there.

“We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.” - Harrison Ford

When it comes to second chances, I’ve learned that people, or even these experiences, aren't always what you want them to be…sometimes, when you give them a chance, they turn out to be so much better.

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