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Defining moments

There are moments in life, defining moments let’s call them, that force us to reflect. Reflect on where we’ve been, who we’ve become, maybe where we’ve chosen to focus our energy. There was a book I read in high school called The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It’s about a man who, well you can probably imagine, encounters five people when he gets to heaven each of which had made a significant impact on his life. Similarly I think defining moments also hold the same weight. Some moments are more significant than others but each one forces a change in the course of your life. Each moment is a defining period of time where the person you were before is not the same person you are after. These experiences force us to change and a lot of times it’s hard to see the good that will come out of this period of growth. But what I’ve come to learn is that when faced with these moments that alter the course of your life, most of which we have no control over, how we respond ultimately dictates where we go from here. Will I let this experience destroy me? Or will I let it force me to grow into the person I was always meant to be, the best version of me.

Although some moments may take from you things that you thought you could not live without, what you find is that maybe that was the thing that was clouding your vision, maybe it was taking more from you than you realized. And this isn't to say that all defining moments are meant to redirect your life for the long term, sometimes they just force you to choose how do you see things, change your perspective so you can see things more clearly. Even though sometimes these experiences often come in the form of fear and hurt, rarely does that pain last very long. In fact, sometimes the good comes a lot sooner than we think. Although that may be hard to see right now, if I could leave you with anything about these life altering moments, it would be to let yourself feel, and open up your heart to the growth that’s coming. Let these moments make you better and not bitter. The person you are becoming in this season is the person you were born to be.

Adversity introduces a man to himself. Welcome home.
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